Hello, I'm Jessie Thomson and welcome to my web site. I am a Voice Casting Director and Voice Director working in animation production. I also work in Voice Over/ Advertising and Interactive Media. Wherever there are voices and characters, that's my area of expertise.

What's the difference between Voice Casting and Voice Directing you might ask? Well to put it simply the Voice Casting Director is the person who searches for and finds voice talent and the Voice Director goes in to the recording studio and gets to boss that talent around. A pretty awesome way to make a living!!!

I have worked in these capacities for over twenty years at various companies in and around Toronto, Canada. I was the in-house Casting Director at Nelvana for six years from 1990 to 1996. Since then I have been a freelance, working for various companies. My bio and resume can be found under "About" and for other details please take a stroll through my web site.

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